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Dasar Pertikaians

Dasar Pertikaians

Dispute Terms

“Disputes” are disagreements regarding execution of order, additional charges, goods or items requested is not according to the booking, additional charges or other issues experienced during transportation between User and Driver Partner under PINDAHMAN platform.

Disagreements may raise during the transportation journey or after the goods or items are being delivered.  The disagreement is between the User and the Driver Partner. We encourage the User and the Driver Partner to efficiently resolve these disagreements between themselves using the Livechat function on the platform or face to face before submitting any dispute claim to PINDAHMAN Customer Service.

If for any reason, the disagreement is not resolved between User and the Driver Partner, the User shall contact our Customer Service at Livechat and lodge a dispute claim by providing proof of dispute with all relevant documentation including photo.

Shall the disputes happened due to the User’s booking with inaccurate information, as stated below but not limited to :-

  • Dispute in weight/size (the item is not able to carry by selected vehicle or number of selected moving helper)
  • Dispute in item (the item is different from the photo shown in PINDAHMAN application)
  • Dispute on booking of manpower (the item is not able to be carried by the moving helper booked, required more moving helper)
  • Dispute on booking of vehicle type (the items are not able to carry the vehicle booked in one journey)

For cases that dispute due to User’s negligence, where involves to make a new booking, the initial booking will consider settled and 50% of the total order will be charged. The balance will be return to the User once investigation is completed. User has to make a new booking and bear all the additional cost involved.

Shall the disputes happened due to negligence of the Driver Partner, as stated below but not limited to:-

  • Dispute on goods delivered (Security sticker damaged or teared / Condition of packaging is broken)
  • Dispute on pick-up or delivery timing

Shall the disputes was due to negligence of the Driver Partner, the User can resolve the problem with the Driver Partner. For any reason that the dispute was not resolved, the User can opt to lodge a report to PINDAHMAN Customer Service Team within 24-hours. Shall the report was not submitted to our Customer Service Team within 24-hours, it will be deem as the job order is completed without any dispute.

Dasar Pertikaians

When you make an application with PINDAHMAN to become a User or a Driver Partner, you agreed to the PINDAHMAN Terms and Conditions, User Terms, Privacy Policy and Dispute Policy.  PINDAHMAN will handle the dispute as stated in this policy. PINDAHMAN will also abide to any rules and regulations applicable of a competent to the court.  

Your continue use of PINDAHMAN platform or services, we deem that you have agreed to accept the all the Terms and Conditions, Dispute Policy and other terms of PINDAHMAN as the guiding policies for the dispute process.

Under special circumstances, PINDAHMAN reserves the right to request the involving party to remove the dispute case from the platform. For the dispute case that require to resolve through litigation, such as if one party has taken legal actions against the other party or an extraordinary amount or circumstances including type of dispute or amount of the disputed charges.

For dispute cases related to insurance, the dispute will be managed according to the relevant dispute process with the respective third party service provider.

In the case of any dispute due to the User’s dispute, a dispute fee may be applicable, the amount payable will be deducted from User e-wallet.

For disputes due to the Driver Partner’s negligence, shall a dispute fee is applicable, the amount payable will be deducted from the Driver Partner’s e-wallet.

Valuable items

In the case that if User is requesting for the service to deliver valuable items, PINDAHMAN strongly encourage the User to insure the item with insurance company or select the insured option under the platform. In the case of dispute on your item or goods, under PINDAHMAN policy, for lost or disputed items or goods, if User has not purchased insurance under PINDAHMAN platform or other insurance company on your own resources, PINDAHMAN will compensate the item or goods’ value based on market value or an amount up to a maximum of RM200 ONLY (subject to terms and conditions). We reserves the right to refuse any claim if the complainant is unable to verify or unable to provide sufficient evidence that the damage/lost occurred under Driver Partner’s control.

Dispute Process

Once a dispute case is submitted to PINDAHMAN Customer Service Team, the team will contact both parties to provide the relevant documentations of evidence includes photos. The team will investigate and manage the process of dispute resolution. The Customer Service Team will follow up with the investigation progress and to update the parties involved accordingly.

The User is responsible to provide the relevant documentation of evidence within 24-hours to support the dispute claim as needed according to the nature of the dispute:

  • Booking details, including booking number
  • Packing list
  • Invoice of item or goods (if any)
  • Photos of the item and packaging
  • Any related additional information and/or documents

After the PINDAHMAN Customer Service Team receives a dispute claim from a User, the team will reach out to the Driver Partner and notify the Driver Partner about the dispute claim filed with stated the following:

  • Booking details including booking number
  • Username
  • User’s claim
  • Dispute amount
  • All relevant additional information & documentation

The Driver Partner is responsible to provide all the following documentation accordingly upon received the notice from our Customer Service Team to proof the validity of the disputed claim:

  • Any pictures taken of the item / goods delivered
  • Any supporting documentation related to the dispute claim

The PINDAHMAN Customer Service Team shall revert to the User up to 14 business days to acknowledge receipt (completion) of documentations.

Upon all documentation of proof is received by our Customer Service Team, our team will review the documentation provided by both parties and extract from the system. The team will assess the dispute claim and the documentations submitted.

Shall there is needs for additional information that is needed as supporting documentations to the dispute claim, our Customer Service will reach out to the relevant party for further clarification.

The PINDAHMAN Customer Service Team will notify the User and the Driver Partner of the outcome of the dispute process within 14 business days.

Please note that the decision and outcome of the dispute claim is final and binding. Upon the investigation is completed and the outcome is given and notified to the User and Driver Partner, the case cannot be reopened for a secondary review of the dispute. We encourage both parties to submit all relevant supporting documents to support the dispute claim in order to secure a favorable outcome.


When a dispute claim is submitted to PINDAHMAN Customer Service Team, if it involves any refund of fee, any refund will be made once the dispute has been resolved and in accordance with the decision.

Upon receiving dispute case from a User, the disputed amount will be on hold from the outstanding payables of the Driver Partner until the dispute has been resolved. The amount on hold will be released once the dispute is resolved and in accordance to the decision.

Filing a reversing payment or payment dispute via your payment provider, credit card company or your bank is a violation of our Terms and Conditions. If you file a payment or transaction dispute, your account will be disabled and the amount will not be eligible for refund due to our obligation towards the payment provider.

PINDAHMAN, through our payment platform provider, reserves the right to cancel orders or place funds on hold for any suspected fraudulent transactions made on PINDAHMAN platform.

For PINDAMAN Driver Partner, shall there be cases when there are more than 3 times of dispute cases involving the same Driver Partner within 3 months, that particular Driver Partner will be temporary cease of service until all dispute cases is resolved.