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Pindahman is a Malaysia app-based platform of delivery service that provides on-demand, same-day and advance order delivery and transporting goods services.


Years Experience

  • To gain ground in South East Asia
  • To open our window to the World
  • To turn Pindahman into the most reliable Delivery Platform across the globe
Our Background

Company Background

        PINDAHMAN serves the community by providing a range of delivery services including short distance transportation, long distance transportation, house or office moving, bulky object handling which bring peace of mind with affordable costing.

        Our driver partners operate a wide range of vehicle choices that suits all your moving needs ranging from motorcycles, sedan cars, vans, pick-ups, lorry from 1-tonne up to 3-tonne.

        Apart from providing solutions for delivery services to the urban area, PINDAHAMAN also dedicated to serve the rural areas in East Malaysia. The people living in the rural areas have been facing challenges in transportation due to the incomplete transportation network. PINDAHMAN is here to complete the missing puzzle by providing fast and low cost delivery services to/and from rural areas. PINDAHMAN connects the network between urban and rural areas with the convenient of “one-click-delivery”.

        PINDAHMAN is your strategic partner for businesses of all size to resolve your delivery issues and transportation requirement. PINDAHMAN helps enterprises to outsource their deliveries needs. You no longer need to invest in big running cost and maintaining your own in-house transportation system. You can just do it with PINDAHMAN’s “one-click-delivery”, with our real-time tracking; you are able to track and trace the where-about of your items.

         Apart from being able to track your items status, you can go cashless with the convenient payment with e-wallet. As an effort to give back to the community, PINDAHMAN provides business opportunity to expand for our business partner and also entrepreneur opportunity for our driver partners.

         PINDAHMAN is your reliable business partner in moving and transportation with the advancement of technology. PINDAHMAN provides peace-of-mind solution to your transportation needs. PINDAHMAN is here to Serve the Community. Let’ build East Malaysia together! For the nation, For the people!
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